November 15/16, 2021 - Miami, FL


IWJG November 2013 New York Show Report

The International Watch and Jewelry Guild 2013 calendar has officially closed, but before we slam the door on 2013 we need to take a reflective glance at year as it unfolded. It was a very good year!

The IWJG added over 600 new members during 2013. Our shows were up in attendance and exhibitors over 100% for the year. Our last three shows of the years were three of the best consecutive shows in a long time. Las Vegas September was great. Miami in October was a wonderful event. New York in November was an amazing event.

We are not going to through the Who's Who of New York show reports, but the Gruenbergs, Tommy LaBret, Byron Eder, Ron Geweniger, Gary Zumult, Sam Sallum, John Brozak, Robert Ramos, Newton Ng, and too many other to report here, has very good shows; and why not... When you have over 1,100 dealers in the same room, whether you are looking to buy, sell or both, there are plenty of opportunities for action and that is exactly what we saw in New York... New York was a very good IWJG show. What a way to wrap up the year.


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