Guido Mondiani Editore/IWJG Special Event


The IWJG has a special evening for our members in attendance... There will be a reception for IWJG attendees hosted by the Tropicana, The IWJG and Guido Mondiani Editore of Genoa Italy. The Tropicana will have resort specials for those of you that sign up for a Players Club account (it's free).

Guido Mondani Editore not only will sell its books during the show, but they will also offer a cocktail to all IWJG Members to celebrate the imminent release of the edition STEEL ROLEX and to present the new books TUDOR ANTHOLOGY and TOTAL ROLEX.

Thanks to the collaboration with the amazing organization of IWJG, all members will enjoy drinks and food in the magic Las Vegas environment.

Giorgia Mondani and her fiancé Daniele will attend the Las Vegas show and during the cocktail.

Osvaldo Patrizzi (one of the most important names of the watch field and author of some of our editions) will join us. He will sign all the books you want, in order to make this object even more precious and unique.

We will also show the last available copies of ROLEX DAYTONA STORY, and Osvaldo can sign them, if members are interested.

Robert Maron, the world's most important watch dealer, will be there with us to present STEEL ROLEX. He is author of the preface of this very special book. Robert is a watch dealer since 1982 and, while the hobby was still evolving, he has bought and sold many of the world's most exclusive and expensive timepieces.

Graduate of Harvard University, Mr. Maron has developed an impeccable reputation worldwide, not only in the watch field but also as a film producer. maron-good morning america AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! The most important Rolex edition ever deserves the most important watch dealer ever.

We will also present the first book entirely dedicated to modern and vintage Tudor watches: TUDOR ANTHOLOGY. This book represents a very useful guide to know, collect and invest in Tudor wristwatches. These watches, now more than ever, are achieving more and more relevance between watch collectors and dealers. Furthermore, we will present the most completed and updated work on Rolex.

This Book shows all Rolex references from 1908 until today, specifying history, material, period of production and updated price. Giorgia Mondani is co-author of TOTAL ROLEX together with her father Guido.