IWJG August 2015 Los Angeles Show Report

The first day of any summer International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show is always a little crazy. The 7:30 gang is always in line and ready to go and then the membership just trickles in. It was that way on Monday the 17th at the Hilton Universal Hotel, 555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, CA. By 10:30 there was a crowd and a buzz in the room that stayed strong until about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Some of our 500 members in attendance came in early to enjoy SoCal and they were not disappointed. They have been all over the LA area. Many are staying in Malibu and Santa Monica with their families just to be near the Beach. Several were leaving in the late afternoon to hit the beaches and watch the sunset over the blue Pacific. Some are staying after the show to take in some of the California lifestyle and weather!

Many of our members were very busy for the first day of our August event, so we only got to talk with a few. Here is what we're hearing about the LA Show.

Gary Zumalt is having a very good show. He did not know what to expect from an August event but he is happy he came!!! Tarek Sule did some good business as did Jeff Harris. David Brecher said he sold some, bought some and definitely did more business than he would have done if he had stayed in South Florida. Micha Mottale was busy and so was Fred Hakimian. There was business being done in the show on Monday.

Summer events are a little on the smaller side and some of our members love a show that is not gigantic. Many members are on vacation. The 47th street business district closes for the first two weeks in July and almost all of Europe is on vacation the month of August. We are fortunate to be able to do the business that we do with our great dealer/members.

What's moving…Rolex... Rolex... Rolex... Did we mention that Rolex is selling?

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