IWJG August 2014 Los Angeles Show Report

We promised you a full report on Los Angeles and as we have already said, the show was a typical summer event. You had to work it. Even with traffic down about 30% from our regular (non Summer) shows we still had 600 dealers in the room!!! The LA show was up about 3% to 4 % over last year. That's a lot of dealers paying to come in and buy, sell and/or trade. Because our shows that are not held in the summer period have more energy, some of our members get out and pursue the business on the floor while others wait for the business to come to them. Consensus is that you have to go out and get it during our Summer Series of IWJG Shows.

We are amazed when we see dealers packing up at 2:30PM on Tuesday afternoon and getting in a hurry to leave. Many of our members reported that they did their best business Tuesday afternoon while others had better action on Monday. Monday was definitely busier from a headcount perspective. As always some of our members thought the show was soft while others had a very good event! We've included some of the original reports with the update.

Eric Grochowiak said "I had a good show. A couple of important watches moved and that made all the difference." Hiroki Kozuma reported a good show. Zach Wagner did some business, met some new clients and was glad he came to LA. Behrouz and Mike Hassid had a very good show while Giovanni Siracusa reported he had a GREAT SHOW... Sam Sallum said "I sold a lot especially for an August Show!" Maricella Reyes, made money, happy, had a good show. Gary and Arthur from Luxury Bazaar had a good show, much better than they expected for August. Gulio Distravola was very busy Monday met some new customers and did business. Larry Frand had a very good Monday, "a little slow on Tuesday; it was a decent August Show." The Gruenberg's said "we did business, glad we came."

Paul Busby from Newport Beach, bought some watches wished he found more at his pricing level. Vik Berghoudian said that August was a good show but he had to work it. Shane Krugman-Kadi loved the weather, had a great trip and visited with friends on the West Coast. We're not sure all of Shane's positive comments were 100% about the show. Albert Babadzhanov from Chrono Store reported in with good traffic and a good show. Alphonso Valencia had a good show. He said that it was a smaller show but very good. Brett Kopelman did good business for an August show and reports quality merchandise keeps getting harder to find. Blake Doner had a good show. Met our goals, glad we came, were the comments. Mark Porcello reported in with a good steady show report for this August event.

Byron Eder said "Monday scared me but Tuesday made it all good, I had a great trip." Eddie Kurayev reported a very good show and said "I can't believe people leave early." Alex Feldman found the show to be a little soft but worked hard bought and sold for a good show. Daniel Conception had a very good show and took a side trip to Catalina Island where he loved the Zip Lines and the Sea Lion watching as you can see at this link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152310414852218. Catalina's great and he was still smiling. As reported, Minh Hoang had a good show and Gary Zumalt had a GREAT SHOW! Fred Hakimian said it best "Someone told me this was a slow show! I told them, if this is not a good show it is the BEST bad show I ever had!" Thank you for your input guys!!

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