IWJG August 2013 Los Angeles Show Report

We are not going to tell you what a good show Los Angeles was (but it was a good show) instead we will let the members in attendance tell you what they thought. We will say that Monday morning started off faster than we expected and stayed steady all day long. Tuesday had mixed reports with some members reporting good sales and others finding spotty results. Here is what Luxury Bazaar posted on their blog:

"This year’s August Los Angeles show held at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal was a unique show to say the least! With special attendees such as IWJG member and star of "Beverly Hills Pawn," Yossi Dina, 20 Diamond Club West Coast and California Pawnbrokers Association Members and even a visit to the hotel from the Taiwanese President made this show one to remember.
Despite being a summer show which is normally a bit slower, we enjoyed some nice traffic at our booth and were proud to display our gorgeous array of jewelry and fine timepieces. We sold many unique pieces including a lot of name brand jewelry, gorgeous micro pave pieces, as well as some interesting timepieces. Overall, we feel that the show was a great success."

It was great having Gary and Arthur with us. Other members in attendance reported as follows; Tommy Labret had a "GREAT" show as did Harry Setian. Robert Ramos said "two thumbs up one of the best shows." Byron Eder had a very good show as did Marc Abercrombie. Michael Javaheri and Temuri Nanikasvili both reported in with a good show. Bret Kopelman thought the show was a little soft but he did some business and he had a great card game with Viken and the guys plus he got to wish Reymond well on his retirement. Fred Hakimi had an OK show. A couple of clients came by and bought nice pieces (Fred has very nice pieces) and made his show. Jorge Haro had a very good show. Eric Grochowiak said it was a typical summer show and he was glad to be there. Mark Knowak was getting ready to head to Asia and said he had a very, very good IWJG Show. Gabe Gonzales had a great time and a good show. Newton Ng and Joe Akkar both reported in (Newton missed his wife) with very, very good results. Peter Thompson said this was a typical summer show but he did good business. Mark Nance had a good show and Ben Lewin (Director/Co-Writer of "The Sessions" with Helen Hunt) had a very good event. John Brozak found this show to be a little soft but overall a good summer show. Jose Hernandez said that for there to have been such a short time between New York and Los Angeles, it was a good show for him. Doug Girard had a good show and finally Maricela Reyes reported in with a steady show over both days that wound up as a very good show for her. Guys, from where we sit for August, it was a show filled with opportunity... We are glad to hear these reports from our members that took advantage of the business available. SSDD... right merchandise, right price, right attitude = a good IWJG show for you!

We hear that some of the very high end watches are a little soft but the $3,000.00 to $15,000.00 range for quality inventory is hot. The 41 MM Rolex product is hard to find and the new GMT ½ black ½ blue bezel is hot and commanding a good price as well. Overall, Los Angeles was a very good August show for the IWJG members that made it happen.

Before we go back to Las Vegas, a quick, heartfelt and well-deserved thank you to Raymond Gutierrez. Olga's brother Raymond has been with the IWJG since the very beginning. He started driving trucks for us when we could not afford to hire a driver. Since the beginning, Raymond has given everything he had to make sure that every IWJG show was the best it could be for wach member. Raymond has decided that it's time for him to retire. He will be missed, he will always be welcomed at any IWJG show. He will always be a part of everything we are and a special friend in our hearts. Thank You Raymond!!!

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