IWJG July 2013 New York Show Report

START SPREADING THE NEWS... New York was a good show! We know a few of our dealers felt the July event was soft but we had so many members tell us that they had a very good, successful results that we just do not know what to tell you except, with 700+ dealers in a room, that are paying to come in and buy and/or sell, if your neighbor is having success and you are not... It probably has something to do with merchandise (type or quality), pricing relative to today's market, or maybe you felt you needed to hold out for a market change. Without regard to that…

The vast majority of the dealers we spoke with were happy with their results. What was selling... Jewelry was good. Loose stones were very competitive but moving. Colored stones were a little soft but good (seems to be a lot of color around right now) and watches were hot with anything unique or any piece in mint condition. Newer models were getting a lot of attention and even within some brands that seemed a little soft, there were great there was good movement if you had the right model in great shape. Average pieces were like a commodity. Good buying and selling but you had to pay attention to the subtle market changes that moved through the floor over this two day show. Who was busy!!! We got tied up on an issue Tuesday and did not get a report from everyone, but here is what we heard...

Mark Nance, Kurt Rothner and Greg Esses all reported good solid shows. Kurt reported that his good IWJG Show followed a good Antique Show for a very good trip to the big Apple. Alex, Roman, Gary and Arthur from Luxury Bazaar also had two good shows and thought this was a very good trip and they are getting ready for LA. Ken Jacobs found the buying strong at the New York show and took advantage of it for a Very Good Show. Joe Akkar reported a very good outing as did Boris Shamayev and Rafael Yagudagev. Ali Choker reported a good result in New York and looking forward to Los Angeles. Joe Demesy thought his results were on target for a midsummer outing and he also found some good buys on the floor. Drew Knoll, even with the poor performance of his AT&T service, reported a good show. Felix Torres had a VERY GOOD SHOW! Jose Hernandez not only found someone's missing jacket but took the time to have a very good show, as did Harry Setian (very, very good) and Adrian Kleiman (the Buddha was smiling and so were we to have Adrian back and looking healthy). Daniel Brenner had a good solid buying show. Romen Soukief #5614 had a good effort in New York as did Marco Damm. Viken Berghoudian said "I had to work hard but wound up with a good show," (Vik, Rita and kids are headed to visit family in Canada right after the show). Marisela Reyes reported a good show. Julio Canosa from New Orleans made his numbers and had a good event. David Witkover reported in with a good show. Ed Faber said this was a success for the Faber organization. Robert Ramos gave this show a "two thumbs up," as did Pietro Magliocca, Eddie Kurayev and Newton Ng all with very good reports.

It was a good show. If you were soft at this show, look at your merchandise and pricing... The primo, mid-priced merchandise is still selling strong!!!

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