IWJG May 2015 Las Vegas Show Report

Monday morning started off with a bang!!! There were over 200 members waiting in line before the doors opened on Monday morning. The doors opened. The dealers got busy and it stayed that way throughout the day. There was a line to get in up until 1:00 PM. The room finally cleared out at about 8:00 Monday night!!!

Tuesday was a typical second day in Las Vegas but by 10:00 AM there was a buzz in the room that stayed there all day... We had a few of our Jewish members that did not make Las Vegas, because of the Holiday, but we want to thank the IWJG dealers that made the effort to get to the show on Tuesday morning... We know it took a real commitment to get there on Tuesday and we appreciate each of you!!! Now how was the show for the members that reported in... First thing, it was a big show!!! Second there was a lot of business being done... Third, you had to work the floor... In most cases the business did not just come to you!!! Here is what we heard...

Marc Abercrombie reported in with a REALLY, REALLY GOOD SHOW! Robert Ramos had a very good event. Roger Flanders was exhibiting at his first show and had good results.

Justin Crall said "Oh my, what a good show." Kip Dye had a very good event as did Alfonso Valencia. Byron Eder had good results and was glad he made the trip to Las Vegas. Eric Grochowiak said he had a good week on Tuesday at the IWJG!

Pamela Benson had an awesome Monday and a very good show. Aeraj Shah had a very, very good show.

Mark Sanchez had a good show saw lots of movement in Two Tone Subs, Gmts and single quick Day Dates. Paolo Manzoli had to work his table by himself (Eli was in Israel) but he had a good show. Jitendra Seth reported a very good event and so did Jay Branstrom.

Kieth LeClerc said "We had good traffic, did good business and made money, glad we came." Newton Ng had a very good show but he said he really had to work it but it was a very good show for him. Joe Akar had a good show as did Alex Negel. Roy Zalach had a very good Las Vegas event.  Ben Honnigman said he bought some, sold some and had as good show. Kiki Kim said "considering the world economies, I had decent results."

Armando Martinez reported good results but he really had to work the room. Hitoshi Fshikana had good results and so did Maricela Reyes. Ricardo Franze reported a good show, tough market but a good IWJG event.

Last but not least, Roman Buslovich said "You can quote me. This was a very good show. It might be our best show of the year."

The marketplace is changing but the dealers that are changing with it are doing business. In this market it's not as easy as it was a year or so ago, but there is still a lot of merchandise changing hands.

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