IWJG April 2015 New York Show Report

Luke Rottman the owner and operator of the successful website The Watch Advisor, filed his report on the IWJG Show and we thought, for a change of pace, we would let you read what another creditable observer found in New York. If you would like to read his report in full and view pictures you can go to http://www.thewatchadviser.com/newsandarticles/2015/4/29/show-report-iwjg-nyc-april-2015.

Here is what Luke found in New York on Monday!

"Day one of the IWJG NYC April 2015 show has concluded. Today was well-attended, fast-paced, and successful all-around. Comprised of a vibrant crowd of world-class dealers, many of whom brought spectacular watches, I could not have been more impressed by this gathering. Watches were flying in and out of the cases and the dealers were dealing like there was no tomorrow!

I noticed that Patek Philippe was the strongest brand (sales-wise), as expected. Rolex was on par with Patek--also commanding top dollar. This time around, the contemporary Pateks were super popular (5130, 5961, 5970, etc.). In terms of Rolex, the sports models, particularly nice condition/complete set 5512 and 5513 Subs, were in high demand. Nearly every watch I handled at the show was competitively-priced--although superlative in terms of quality--and I was more than content with the vast selection offered by the 1,000+ attendees. I will note, it was not the least bit difficult to locate specific watches (to a certain extent), again exemplifying the wide range of timepieces to choose from at the IWJG show(s).
Throughout the day, I found plenty of superb Omega chronographs (33.3, 14360, etc.), yet there were a fair number of 105012 and 145012 Speedmasters on the floor. I came so close to purchasing a 145022 complete set, and I regret not doing so!!!! I spotted a few Longines here and there, including a simple 10.68z, and an untouched Ulysse Nardin stepped-bezel Chronograph which appeared--from afar--as a Longines 13ZN!
Towards the end of the day, as usual, negotiations intensified and the "big" watches began to move. The most captivating wristwatches at the show were a friend's Patek 2497 and his mint condition, full-set Rolex 6542 Bakelite.

I wonder who had the 6542 Bakelite!!!"

Luke thank you for your report... Here is what we heard from other members on the floor for Monday and Tuesday... Pietro Magliocca said his show was AMAZING! Ariel Shimunov had a very good buying event... Manuel Strauss had a good show buying and selling... Alex Ciani had a great show and wishes every show could be like New York... Keith LeClerc said his show was AMAZING!!! Viken Berghoudian said "this was a huge show with lots of dealers and it was a decent selling show for me"... Maricela Reyes said "this was a really, really good show for me"... Jimmy Alterman commented that he "really liked his booth placement and that traffic was strong for the entire show"... Alfonso Valencia found prices to be a little soft for his merchandise but because of the great traffic he had a really, really good event... Boris and Nathaniel Aronov reported very good show results... Tommy Labret had a very good show and so did Robert Ramos... Mike Mertaban reported very good results for New York... .Uri Koptive had a good solid event... Jose Montilla had a very good show as did Robert Beggs and Eddie Issakov. Eddie found New York to be a very good buying show for him... Eddie Kurayev had a very good show and Ed Ticheli moved a lot of merchandise and had a great New York event..

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