IWJG April 2014 New York Show Report

The weather made flying into and out of New York a little bumpy, but it was perfect for the IWJG Show. Our members started arriving on Friday and Saturday and by Sunday the Hotel lobby was full of IWJG Members... It was like old home week in the lobby and bar. Monday morning kicked off with a buzz and a line out front and the buzz did not stop all day. Traffic was incredible!!! As good as Monday was, some dealers told me Tuesday was even better!

We had record numbers of members from Europe that came over to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate against the dollar and we had many new faces from Asia that attended and were purchasing like the old days.

Joe Acar had several new International dealers visit his booth and purchase goods from him. Joe was smiling (can you believe that?), and said he had a very good show!

Ben Hertzberger reported in with very good show results. Mark Nance said his show was very good and added that he found the event to be very "lively"! Alex Ciani had a good solid show as did Roman Sharf. Ken Jacobs had a great Birthday (cake and all) and a good buying and selling show as well. Ken was very happy (he said we could stretch a little). Bob Maron reported good show results.

Eric Grochowiak was all smiles as he explained that for the first time ever, he ran out of invoices... Eric had a very good show! Marisela Reyes had a very good event. Temuri Nanikashvili had a good show. One of our dealers asked not to be named but said he had an unbelievable show!!! He said "I brought a lot of merchandise and sold everything!!!" Jacob Fried had a good show and was pleased at the traffic that visited his booth. Issami Shiroma reported a good show. Ariel Shimunov, brought his Father to the show. He also reported in with good results (Ariel, it was great meeting your Father). Farzad Sharim had a good show. Manuel Strauss had a decent show. He reported that the show was good for watches. Dan Rahmanim had a good show.

Both of our Fred Hakimian's reported really good results. They brought the right merchandise for this show and the action was steady. Julio Distralvo reported that the New York show was good for him. Jacob Herzog reported in with a good show. Tommy Labret had a great show.

Alex Roiz and Gary Taskin were kind enough to say, "the IWJG Shows are the best anywhere. Dealers come to the show to buy, not to kick tires and waste time." They went on to say that "no one stops by the IWJG Show to look around while they are waiting on their next bus." Thank you Alex and Gary for being such good members. We think you guys are great as well!!!

What was selling... A lot of everything... Modern Watches, as always, were moving. There seems to be some pressure to push prices a little higher. Vintage has seen more movement lately and New York was no exception. Jewelry pieces, in general, seemed to be a little soft but signed pieces and Diamonds with GIA Certificates were moving well. Even with the crazy weather, New York was a very good show!

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