IWJG March 2015 Las Vegas Show Report

This seems like a good time to give you the results the members gave us from Las Vegas... Here is what we heard;

Mark Sanchez and Robert Cooper reported good shows. Sam Sallum had a very good show in Las Vegas. Ricardo Franze from Miami and Italy reported a very good event. Fabian Ergan reported that all in all he wound up ok and had a decent show. Doug Gruenberg found Monday to be a little soft but Tuesday was very good, and between both days he had a good show. His brother Donald Gruenberg, had not run his numbers yet, but thought they had a good event as well.

Fred Hakimian reported in with very good show results and said the IWJG Show was much better for him than the Hong Kong show he just attended. Ariel Shimunov had a good show. Gary Zumalt was all smiles and reported that he had a very, very good event. Alphonso Valencia had a good event in las Vegas, not great but a good solid show. Eddie Kurayev had a really good show and so did Avi Haieve, with Time to Tick NYC (the banners look great). Robert Beggs had a good show. Erik Boneta said "after traveling half way around the world and back to get here, I found some good buying and selling at the show" (thank you for making the effort to get to Vegas Erik!).

Minh Hoang did OK on buying AND selling. Newton Ng had his children with him (teaching them the business) and still bought a lot of merchandise!!! Adrian Kleiman also had his children with him and said that the Buddah was smiling and that he had a good show... Welcome back Adrian!!!

Keith LeClerc had good results for Las Vegas and said that Vegas was better than Miami for him... You all remember what a show Miami was!!! Tommy LaBret said he had a great show... There was plenty of merchandise to buy!!! Alex Negel had a good show and Paul Fox had lots of sales invoices and a good show to boot!!!

Vik Berghoudian had a good show as did Maricela Reyes. Marc Abercrombie had a very good event and Armando Martinez had a good show but with the world market being what it is he said he had to really work for it!!! Chase Ahlwalia reported a very good show and Byron Eder had a good show as well. Dan Rahmanim said that the IWJG Shows are always the best bargain in the industry. Best dealers, best merchandise, best prices and BEST SHOW PERION!!! Thank you Dan... Last but certainly not least, Jake and Victoria from  Swiss Watch Expo in Atlanta Georgia were all smiles and told me that Las Vegas was a great show in fact it was their best show ever and that is saying something for Jake and Victoria...  Thank you all for coming!!!

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