IWJG March 2013 Las Vegas Show Report

Las Vegas drives us crazy. First day lines at any other show are the accepted thing. Las Vegas is so slow to start on both days, it drives us nuts! By 10:00 AM, there was a nice buzz in the room and it continued all day. Business seemed to be steady throughout the day. The crowds kept moving around the room looking for deals to buy or sell. Some members reported that Las Vegas was a very good buying show, others reported that their success came from selling, we guess that's the way it should be, some buying and some selling equals a good show.

What was selling... Vintage continues to grow stronger... Moderns keep moving and we even had some reports of pocket watches showing movement. Jewelry continues to show strength (ask Alex and Gary) and loose stones were very good. Someone asks us at every show... "What are you going to report for this show"... We only report what IWJG Members tell me and that's why we tell you who said what... Every show is different with different merchandise in demand and different prices making it move. Some dealers will always have great shows while others will have a softer experience. Do not forget, our members pay to come in the room and to buy or sell. If your show results were different than what you read here and not in a good way, we suggest you pay attention to what your fellow IWJG members are doing and if your results are better than what you read here, please let me know!!! Here is what we heard:

Adrian Kleiman had a good show as did Richard Markow. Julian Siegler and Gabe Arik reported good shows. Viken Berghoudian and Jon Schneider had good shows. Michael Javaheri reported a good show as did Marcela Reyes. John Brozek and Alfonso Valencia reported good shows. Michael Maron said his show was just OK but Byron Eder, Gary Zumalt, Michael Mack, Jose Hernandez, Larry Turobiner and Joel Bigelman (some modern and some vintage movement) reported good shows. Arthur Zharsky, Gary Taskin and Alex Roiz had a very good show in Watches and Jewelry. Tom Milani and Bobby Arena said they had good shows. Temuri Nanikashvili had (and thanks God for) a good show. Joe Kashani and Pete Moreno had good shows. Tommy LaBret, Fred Hakimian and Joe Akar all reported in with Very, Very Good shows…Finally (because we ran out of time and could not get to everyone, Jeff Knepper sends this in,"I had a very good Monday, and a good Tuesday in Las Vegas. I was thinking about leaving early and maybe get an earlier flight home, but I stayed and between 3:00PM and the close of the show I did more business than I did the rest of Tuesday. If I had left I would not have done nearly as much…I can't believe how busy it gets as the show starts getting smaller. If possible I never leave an IWJG Show early…There is just too much money still on the table"... Good advice from Jeff. Sometimes you have to leave to catch the latest flight home, but sometimes it might mean more business to finish the show even if you have to stay overnight. It’s your business, handle it in the way that is best for you, we are just saying, if you are looking for different results from some of the shows, maybe trying some of the things that your fellow members are saying help them have a better show, could help you.

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