IWJG February 2015 Dallas Show Report

Dallas!!! Dallas!!! Dallas!!! We were so glad to be back in the shadow of the Lone Star and what a cold shoulder you turned to us... Me Oh My Dallas!!

As most of you know around Tuesday or Wednesday before the show on Monday the 23rd, the weather forecasters started predicting winter storms for North Texas and scaring the Poo out of everybody... Well we had a little snow, a little sleet, a little rain and a little cold weather but for the most part, except for getting the airlines to cancel a few flights and getting Dallas to shut down for two days the weather was not really bad at all. We have included a picture (link to pix) from the hotel on Tuesday morning and we hope our members in Chicago, Detroit, New York and Boston do not hurt themselves laughing at this winter storm!!

Putting the weather aside and looking at the show itself, we had between 400 and 500 hundred members in attendance for the two days and one thing we do know is if you put 10 of our members in a room together, business will be done, sooo, if you put over 400 members in the same room, what do you think will happen? Right, business will get done and it did. Was Dallas a big show... Absolutely not, but many of the members that worked the floor turned in good reports... Here is what we heard...  Peter Chou "I was surprised! Monday morning I was thinking uh oh but by Tuesday afternoon, I had a good show. It was not Miami in January but it was a good show for me." Rick Hallberg reported good results in Texas.

Byron Eder said "I sold Sunday, Monday and Tuesday... I'm going home happy... I had a good show." Andy Yasparro said "I thought twice about coming because of the weather. I'm glad I came, I did some business." David Brecher came with his wife (he is in a much better mood when she comes) said "this was a small show but it was a good show. Sometimes small is better!" Yanagi Yakihiro had a good event. Viken Berghoudian told me "I'm glad I came and set up. I sold some goods. For a small show, it was a good show." Shane Krugman Kady reported a good show. Joe Demesy said "for a show at home, in a snow storm, it was not bad at all. Under the circumstances a good show." By the way Joe, we all hope Dana is feeling better!

Alfonso Valencia and Jorge Haro both said even with the circumstances surrounding the show, they did some business and came out ok! Fred Hakimian from Chicago said with a big smile "this was my best show in eight months. I always do good in Texas." Fred is a cowboy at heart. Donald Gruenberg reported that for a small show with the icing issue Dallas was not bad at all. Michael Maron reported that considering everything Dallas was not a bad show. Kamaran Shak and Yuri Issakov both reported in with a good show. Ken Jacobs was smiling that suspect smile of his and assured me that he had a very good show. If you know Ken... we report you decide!!!  

Moving right along... Dan Rahmanim said "I was late coming in from New York and I still had a great show. You just can't miss an IWJG show there is always business here." Greg Esses from Houston reported "Dallas was a good show. For a smaller show in a snow storm it was definitely better than I expected." Last but not least our own Ed Ticheli from Black Stallion 8 said "I had a very good show. I don't mind a little snow and ice every now and then." Well said Ed and thank you all for taking the time to share your Dallas experience with us.

Some of our dealers found the circumstances to be distracting and did not find their groove in Dallas. When you get circumstances like a major city shut down because of weather it can throw you a curve. We had many National Pawnbrokers Association and Texas Jewelers Association members that could not make it in to the show but we really appreciate and enjoyed the members that did brave the weather reports and join us for our event in Dallas Texas. Remember... There is always business, buying or selling in the IWJG room.

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