IWJG January 2014 Miami Show Report

The IWJG Show started off with a bang and didn't let up all day long. In fact, as we reported earlier we had some unreal deals going on at the end of the day that kept us on the floor until 8:00 PM Monday evening... Long time from 7:00 AM. We waited until the same hour on Tuesday because there were deals being done that late. We never mind if you need a little extra time to put an exclamation point on a good show.

We set a record for dealers in attendance for first days on Monday. It was busy!!! There was a line to get in until 1:30 PM. We are going to say this again because we just do not get it!!! We can't understand why any of our members wait for the first day of the show to register, when all you have to do is place a five minute phone call, walk over to prepaid, get your badge and walk right in and start doing business... .The registration lines were terrible...  We hate for you to wait...  The prepaid lines averaged less than a 7 minute wait. We point this out time after time, but some of our members do this show after show... Make it easy on everybody... Pick up the phone, call 1-800-554-4992 or 1-713-783-8188 and preregister... Come on in and enjoy the action. There was ACTION, ACTION, ACTION in Miami!!!

Here is what we heard from the floor... Eric Grochowiak had a great show... Robert Ramos turned in a very good report... Kiki Kim said this was one of his best shows...  Eddie Kurayev and Albert Akbashev had great shows. Larry Frand reported a wonderful show, as did Marco Dam and Rich Lopez. Jeff Knepper had a really good show as did Natilio Saks. Richard Markow said "circle this in red as one of my best shows ever. Gulio Dastravalo had a very good show... Felix Torres had a very good show...  Oscar Messina turned in a really good show report and added "I love the Miami shows". Jacob Herzog turned in a great show report... Roman Buslovitch and Leon Enterman also had very good show results. Roman Sharf had a great show... Harry Setian reported "one of the best ever"... Adrian Kleiman"s booth reported a good show (continue to recover Adrian and we will see you soon). Greg Gimelstein had a wonderful show. Bob Maron said "this was a great show". Jose Arley Hernandez also reported a great show while Pam Benson turned in a "best show ever" report. Doug Gruenberg reported "this was a first rate show". Ed Faber said that he" never saw anything else like it." We had so many reports from the members we can't use them all, here's the bottom line... Miami was a very good IWJG Event and we want to thank all of you for patience and help in pulling this one off. You really are the best...

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