IWJG October 2013 Miami Show Report

The IWJG Miami Show on October 14 and 15, at the Hilton Miami Downtown, 1601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132, started out with a nice buzz Monday morning. Several members reported that the show really jumped out to an exciting start. Joe Demesy, IWJG Texas Dealer, said that his show started out strong. He said, "It got a little lighter in the afternoon, but Monday Morning was hot!" David Brecher from Florida reported a very good Monday.

The lines were busy outside from 7:15 am until noon. The buzz in the room stayed steady all day long, but the money counters did not kick in gear until early afternoon. They started slow but by mid-afternoon the sound was constant. It sounded like slot machines going crazy. Continuing with typical, Tuesday morning started slowly. We guess South Beach stayed open late Monday night. None the less, by 10:30, the joint was rocking (as they say) and the counters got busy early and did not slow down until we turned off the lights. What was selling... Modern, as usual, was strong and merchandise in the $3500.00 to $15,000.00 range seemed to dominate. We had differing reports on vintage. Some dealers thought this was one of the better vintage shows lately, while others found vintage to be slow... We guess it was what you had to sell when the right buyer walked by, and how much you were asking. We've heard that story before.

Diamonds were hot... Hot... Hot, for some of our dealers. We had some new members from Europe attend and were buying like it was Christmas (we guess it is, almost). Several dealers chimed in that this was a better jewelry show than we have had in a while. From the pulpit, the Miami Show looked rock solid. Here is what we heard from specific dealers.

Sam Sallum had a very good show, as did Miami dealer Robert Ramos. Sam Hoyt from Georgia, had an excellent event and so did Don Brier (that's a great looking watch Don). Roman Buslovich reported excellent results. Eddie Kurayev sold almost everything he brought and reported a very good show. Steve Pollack had a good show as did Natilio Saks. Matt Bain, Ali Choker and Julian all reported in with good shows. Pietro Magliocca loved his table and had a very good show. Harry Setian called his show "Excellent." Billy Oyster called in a good show. Jose Arley Hernandez had a very good show. Joe Akar from Miami had a good show. Max Bankinhad a good show and said "this show just felt good." Richard Markow had a good show and was all smiles. Farzad Sharim had a good Miami Show. Mark Nance (Houston Dealer) had a good show and said, "In fact this is my best show lately," and Mark usually has good shows. Barry Blank loved his table and reported a good show as did Maricella Reyes. Jacob Herzog (still looking for sponsors) and Manuel Strauss reported good shows .Constantine Baksheef had a very good event in Miami. Roman Sharf (Welcome back from all those vacations) was glad to be back and reported a very good show while his partner Alex Roiz, said that not only did they have a good show but that the IWJG Show is the best Show around for their company, Luxury Baazar.

New member, Sabina Danenberg made a point to tell us that the IWJG Show is by, far the best show she attends. We had two new members from Europe that stopped by Christina's desk to tell her how much they enjoy the show and how much business they do in just two days and then head back across the pond to their business and families. They like the show and the short trip. Finally (Dallas dealer) Joe Demesy... we know Joe had a very good Monday morning, but when we talked on Tuesday his response was "Terrible and you can quote me" as he packed his bags, gave a smile and a wink and rode off into the sunset. What did he mean... we'll let those of you that know Joe decide... For most of our attendees, Miami was a very good show.

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