IWJG September 2014 Las Vegas Show Report

Las Vegas (as usual) was like a tale of two cities but that we have not heard the money counters running like they were running on Monday and Tuesday, in a long time. Still some members found the show to be a little soft but here are some additional reports... Phil Abrams said that Vegas was a typical IWJG Show and very good. Giovanni Siracusa had a good show. Byron Eder reported all smiles with his results. Richard Markow had a very good show. Drew Knoll said he had a good event and Sandy Lox reported in with steady business both days. Sam Sallum was busy and so was Marco Damm. The Gruenberg's had a good show. Pete Moreno said he had good results as did the Ruth's from Concord, CA. Carlos Leplon from Aventura, FL reported in with good results. Cash Ahluwalin had his best show ever! Gabriel Vera had a good event. John Bushman and Farzad Sharim's results were very good.

Add these to our previous reports of Newton Ng having a very good show as did Gary Zumalt (very good, exceeded all my expectations) and Harry Setian (very busy). Robert Ramos had a very good show. Jacob Fried had a very good show as did Jacob Herzog before both groups had to head out early for the Holiday and Dan Rahamanim (Fred Hakimian's nephew) said Las Vegas was a great show for him, much better than Hong Kong at 1/5th the price. In closing, as we promised we would report that Joe Demesy did not have a very good show. Why... we do not know, but some have speculated that as father time is creeping in that maybe Mr. Demesy is losing his touch... We do not believe that for one minute and believe it was just a watch show anomaly. "That's my story and I'm sticking to it, Joe!!!"

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