Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


Exhibitor Security

All IWJG shows feature heavy security for our members. Nevertheless, jewelry robberies are always a serious threat: many in our industry have been robbed, especially while traveling. So in the interest of safety, please follow our tips for protecting yourself and your valuables. We will prevail as a group!

Use our Security Services

Contact our office to use any of these inexpensive IWJG services, exclusively for members:
  • Armed escort guards. When arriving and (especially) when leaving shows.
  • Brinks shipping for your merchandise. When possible, ship rather than carry your merchandise. Smaller dealers use UPS.
  • Brinks insurance at shows.

General Tips

  1. Travel with other dealers. The more the safer. Change your travel plans to work this out.
  2. Never be alone. Don't let yourself get anyplace that will make it easy for them to use a gun.
  3. Get insurance! You can afford it. The alternative is financial disaster. (See our insurance tips.)
  4. Don't put your life's work in one bag. Don't try to carry too much!
  5. Don't underestimate the crooks.
    • They know each of us.
    • They are organized with teams in every major city.
    • They work every jewelry, coin, and antique show in America. We are just another payday for them.
    • Don't believe they get lucky when they steal a bag. It's what they do for a living!
    • It can happen to you.

If You Drive

  1. Do not stop for gas. Tank up before the trip.
  2. Do not stop for food. Avoid restaurants and drive-ins, even with large groups.
  3. Do not stop to fix a flat tire. Just drive on the rim.
  4. Do not stop if your car is hit. The other driver may be a dangerous criminal: this is a common scam that uses two cars.
  5. Do not stop, period.
  6. Use valet service, if you must park. Stay out of garages.

If You Fly

  1. Hire a cop to escort you through airport security. Do not go through security alone. The X-ray machine is a prime spot to lose your bag!
  2. Keep your bag with you at all times. Don't put it down, even for one second. Keep it on your shoulder, with a hand on it.

In The Hotel

  1. Do not leave valuables in the hotel room. The thieves have keys too.
  2. Do not trust your life savings to the hotel lobby with only one person on duty at four o'clock in the morning.

Other Travel Tips

  1. Do not put down your bag in the restroom. (Better to wear adult diapers than lose your life savings.)
  2. Avoid alcohol unless your valuables are securely locked up.
  3. Do not share a taxicab.
  4. Do not let anyone open a door for you.