Mar 20/21, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV


Exhibitor Insurance

Does your insurance policy cover every kind of loss? Keep the following tips in mind when evaluating or purchasing insurance for your merchandise.

  • Fine print: Some policies do not cover "mysterious or unexplained disappearances." Watch out!
  • Deductibles: Premiums are cheaper if your deductible is $10,000 or more.
  • Coverage limitations: Make sure your policy covers both watches and jewelry. Make sure you're covered not only in your store, office, or home, but also on the road.
  • Make sure you are covered on "Memos."
  • Proof of loss: Record all serial numbers, and keep a very good description of each item, ideally a photograph or even a photocopy of the item.
  • Cost of insurance: Top insurance underwriters have competitive rates. The cheapest insurance is not necessarily the best.